Online and On Track

As schools around the world move classes online, students everywhere are learning to adjust to the “new normal.” Turning your living room into a classroom is no easy feat, but a few simple tips can make a big difference:

Get in Touch

If you have concerns, contact your instructors. They understand your challenges and can recommend the best resources. Connect virtually with your classmates, too. Everyone’s in the same boat!

Embrace Technology

The volume of resources available online to students today is unprecedented. Take advantage of as many of these technologies and platforms as possible.

Eliminate Distractions

According to a Stanford University report, multitasking decreases productivity and can impair your cognitive control. Eliminating distractions and disruptions at home will help you make the most of your study time.

Keep Your Eye on the Endgame

Your dreams got you started, and they can help you maintain your motivation. Approach your assignments, large and small, with conviction. Organize your time by identifying small, achievable goals that add up to the big picture.

Enjoy the Process!

Reward yourself as you go. Practice thinking long range, and forgive yourself when you think you may have temporarily fallen short. Above all, enjoy the unique opportunities and experiences along the way!

Better with Age

Thinking about starting a business? You may want to consider waiting a few years. According to, there aren’t too many “Mark Zuckerbergs” out there! The publication reports that the most successful businesses are started by entrepreneurs in their 40s. One reason may be that twentysomethings lack the experience and financial security to make a new business work. Another is that older entrepreneurs tend to have larger professional networks. In addition to maturity, a survey by shows 95% of successful company founders have a college degree!

You’re Worth It!

Are you being paid what you’re worth? Wake County statistics show that women earn significantly less than their male counterparts. And during the pandemic, women are experiencing higher rates of unemployment than men. The disparities are greatest among Black and Hispanic women, particularly those in STEM fields. But there is hope! A cross-sector collaboration called Wake Invests in Women is addressing gender representation and wage gaps throughout the county. The initiative includes education, business, and other community leaders working together.

Want to learn more? Visit and search for “Wake Invests in Women.”