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University Transfer

  • Associate in Arts (AA)
  • Associate in Science (AS)
  • Associate in Engineering (AE)
  • Associate in Fine Arts (AFA)
  • AA or AS in Teacher Preparation

Career Programs

Credentials Key:

  • AAS = Associate in Applied Science
  • D = Diploma
  • C = Certificate

Biotechnology, Engineering, and Skilled Technologies

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration – Building Automation Technology (AAS, C) $44,629-$62,964
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration – Commercial Air Conditioning (AAS, D, C) $29,472-$46,964
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration –
 Commercial Refrigeration (AAS, C) $29,472-$46,964
Architectural Technology (AAS, C) $26,434-$47,319
Biopharmaceutical Technology (AAS, C) $24,568-$45,082
Biotechnology (AAS, C) $37,420-$64,040
Civil Engineering Technology (AAS, C) $26,892-$59,321
Construction Management Technology (AAS, C) $34,253-$43,210
Electrical Systems Technology (AAS, D, C) $28,000-$49,282
Electronics Engineering Technology (AAS, C) $32,500-$66,470
Facility Maintenance Technology (AAS, D, C) $30,427-$41,854
Geomatics Technology (AAS, C) $33,483-$48,913
Interior Design (AAS, C) $23,691-$44,862
Mechanical Engineering Technology (AAS, D, C) $34,155-$47,036
Plumbing (D,C) $29,076-$48,682
Welding Technology (AAS, D, C) $30,447-$80,050

Business and Public Services Technologies

Accounting and Finance (AAS, D, C) $30,250-$44,000
Baking & Pastry Arts (AAS, D, C) $30,000-$55,550
Business Administration/General Business (AAS, C) $37,000-$55,000
Business Administration/
Human Resources Management (AAS, C) $38,040-$57,400
Business Administration/Marketing (AAS, C) $30,000-$53,000
Business Administration/ Project Management (AAS, C) $42,000-$60,000
Cosmetology (AAS, D) $15,962-$47,383
Culinary Arts (AAS, D, C) $28,000-$67,000
Early Childhood Education (AAS, D, C) $20,300-$45,300
Esthetics (C) $24,300-$36,000
Hospitality Management (AAS, D, C) $29,900-$58,120
Paralegal Technology (AAS) $30,309-$85,156
Supply Chain Management/Distribution Management (AAS, C) $31,000-$50,000
Supply Chain Management/Global Logistics Technology (AAS, C) $31,000-$50,000

Health Sciences

Computed Tomography – CT (C) $69,511-$83,185
Dental Assisting (D) $37,630-$53,130
Dental Hygiene (AAS) $59,010-$81,030
Electroneurodiagnotic Technology (AAS) $45,900-$71,900
Health and Fitness Science (AAS, C) $24,130-$59,830
Human Services Technology (AAS) $25,140-$34,750
Human Services Technology/Gerontology (AAS, C) $28,850-$38,520
Human Services Technology/Mental Health (AAS, C) $28,850-$38,520
Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse (AAS, C) $25,140-$40,400
Licensed Practical Nurse (D) $40,000-$59,000
Mammography (C) $69,837-$83,854
Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI (D) $74,753-$89,367
Medical Assisting (AAS, D) $31,470-$38,860
Medical Laboratory Technology (AAS) $41,265-$65,814
Nursing, Associate Degree (AAS) $61,330-$79,000
Pharmacy Technology (AAS, D) $32,000-$34,000
Phlebotomy (C) $33,215-$40,985
Radiography (AAS) $56,901-$69,001
Sonography (AAS) $62,898- $91,839
Therapeutic Massage (C) $27,640-$57,280

Information Technology

Advertising and Graphic Design (AAS, C) $31,720-$93,440
Business Analytics (AAS, C) $46,400-$157,120
Cloud Infrastructure (AAS) $52,830-$134,970
Computer Programming and Development (AAS, C) $51,440-$146,050
Cybersecurity (AAS, C) $60,060-$163,300
Data Science and Programming Support Services (AAS, C) $52,950-$165,230
IT Support and Service (AAS, C) $32,830-$88,940
Medical Office Administration – Medical Office Professional (AAS, D, C) $27,000-$54,600
Medical Office Administration – Medical Billing and Coding (AAS) $29,480-$64,460
Medical Office Administration – Healthcare Administration (AAS) $27,000-$54,600
Network Management (AAS, C) $52,830-$134,970
Office Administration – Legal Office (AAS, C) $29,620-$82,270
Office Administration – Office Professional (AAS, D, C) $22,890-$61,620
Simulation and Game Development Art and Modeling (AAS, C) $42,390-$142,750
Simulation and Game Development Programming (AAS, C) $42,390-$142,750
Web Designer (AAS, C) $40,750-$146,430
Web Developer (AAS, C) $51,440-$146,050

Public Safety

Criminal Justice Technology (AAS, C) $32,508-$56,319
Criminal Justice Technology/Forensic Science (AAS, C) $34,410-$64,000
Emergency Medical Science (AAS) $21,880-$56,990
Public Safety Administration (AAS, C) $42,000-$64,000

Transportation Technologies

Agricultural Systems Technology (AAS, D) $28,650-$53,250
Automotive Systems Technology (AAS, C) $27,740-$50,980
Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology (AAS, C) $32,020-$54,660
Construction Equipment Systems Technology (AAS, D, C) $25,000-$45,000
Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology (AAS, D, C) $29,261-$54,105

Sources: U.S. Department of Labor www.bls.gov, www.salary.com, www.naceweb.org, and employer surveys. Salaries may vary based on experience, education, and location.