Trooper Roderick Williams

A Vision of Service

Meeting the Challenges of Basic Law Enforcement Training Roderick Williams had a clear vision: to have his very own NC State Highway Patrol cruiser sitting in the driveway. But realizing that vision presented challenges. [caption id="attachment_19" align="alignleft" width="300"] Trooper Roderick Williams[/caption] Roderick enrolled in NCSHP training in 2012 but failed the state exam. He...
Dr. Stephen C. Scott, President

From the President

Welcome to Career Focus! Wake Tech is adding facilities and expanding degree, diploma, and certificate programs to offer you more options than ever before! Whether you’re eager to enter the workforce, looking for advancement opportunities at work, or thinking of further study at a university, we can help you reach your goals. Our campuses and training centers throughout the county, online...
Popular career programs at Northern Wake campus

Movin’ In!

Popular Career Programs Now Offered at Northern Wake Campus! How do they do it? Make a tiered lemon chiffon wedding cake with rosettes that match the bride’s gown? Weld metal that strengthens skyscrapers? Fix air conditioning systems during the dog days of summer? Keep sedentary workers active and in shape? They do it with specialized knowledge, skill, and the hands-on training Wake Tech is...
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Alumni spotlight Chris Matthews

Alumni Spotlight: Crunching the Numbers

Chris Mathews loves “crunching numbers,” and at 50, he’s become Wake County’s first data scientist! Chris has worked for the county in information technology for more than a decade but thought the rapidly-growing field of Business Analytics might help give his career a boost. He did some research into degree programs and quickly settled on Wake Tech: “Wake Tech offered online classes...
Office professionals

Got Skills? Today’s Office Professionals Need Them!

Looking for a great job in a field that’s always in demand? With our aging population and daily advances in medicine, health care continues to hold some of the most promising career opportunities and options. But what if you don’t like the sight of blood – or just don’t think you’re cut out to work with patients? Health care has plenty of other career options to offer! Medical...
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The Power of Persistence

Endowment Recognizes Students Who Never Give Up “Be persistent,” Doris Huebner says. ”There is always a way to accomplish your dreams. It may not be the way you envisioned, and there may be obstacles – but sometimes the biggest obstacle can open just the right door!” Huebner, a business woman and community service advocate, is Vice Chair of the Wake Tech Board of Trustees, and she...